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Kick-Start Your Business -
100 days To A Leaner, Fitter Organisation

Kick-Start Your Business - Written by Robert Craven; Foreword by Sir Richard Branson


Cover of Robert Craven's book Kick-Start Your BusinessThis book is aimed at helping owner-managers and business advisers to maximise business potential. The emphasis is on practicality.

The case studies, worksheets and practical exercises in the book help you to take the pain out of business planning and increase your profitability. You'll find out how to identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses and assess its potential. You’ll learn the secret obsessions of all the successful entrepreneurs.

Robert Craven is a coach and consultant, who has helped more than 1,000 companies to flourish, showing younger businesses how to grow, and making larger businesses more nimble. He is MD of The Directors’ Centre, Visiting Professor at Toulouse Business School, and Associate Fellow of Warwick Business School.

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'Robert Craven’s Kick-Start Your Business covers an essential part of running a business… which will turn your business into a powerhouse by recovering some of the passion and nimbleness…. to make your business more effective and more profitable… the business in question often needs a boost – a kick-start to greater success in the future.’
Sir Richard Branson

‘Written in a no-nonsense style, Robert hasn’t missed a trick.’
Start Your Own Business Magazine

'If you want tips from the top, this book is for you. Inspirational stuff!’
The Independent. Featured in their Top Ten Business Books.

'A book that's more seriously targeted at the business community is Robert Craven's Kick-Start Your Business... It's practical and encourages you to take a look at what's happening in your company from a distance.
For example, in the section on listening to pub conversations on failing businesses, Craven points to rising overheads, inability to keep the staff, customer reluctance and many other factors and says they're nonsense - businesses keep themselves in or out of the market through managerial competence, he believes.

The first half of the book is full of excellent tips like this and suggests a solid framework based on finance, marketing and operations to judge how your business is really running.'
The Guardian Newspaper

Having attended Robert's whirlwind seminar on 'Kick Start Your Business', I couldn't resist buying the book. A man after my own heart Robert has a brilliant way of articulating and communicating what you need to do to build a successful business. His use of interactivity, movement and wit means you not only understand what he is communicating but you will never forget it. I would love all our clients to see him in action and read his book, to reinforce our messages!'
Sue Farrington Smith, SYD

‘Your book has proved to be absolutely invaluable to me.. easy to read and understand, gives practical examples and tips and is, above all, simple!... I would highly recommend your book to anyone who is needing to give a new lease of life to an established business. Well done.’
Jennifer Lindley, CPI Ltd

‘I thought you might like to know that your book has just saved my life! Here I am, deadline looming, late at night putting together a plan for how we are going to develop a 3-yr strategy. All of a sudden, I pick up your book and find your 100-day workout. An excellent and extremely practical guide. Just what I needed to check I don't miss any steps. Thank you!’
Charlie Osmond, FreshMinds

‘…essential reading to the entrepreneur… Craven is one of the UK’s best-known and sought-after speakers on entrepreneurship… anyone who has experienced his impactive presentations will know exactly why.’
Institute of Management Consultancy’s Professional Consultancy Magazine

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